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Quebec Cops Raid Anarchist Milieux

 Quebec Cops Raid Anarchist Milieux
      The past few days have witnessed dramatic repression of
 Quebec anarchists, following a mass riot in Quebec City on June
 24th, St-Jean Baptiste Day (this is a very popular Quebec
 holiday, and has often been a good excuse to riot in the past).
 Thousands of people smashed windows and expropriated goods during
 the riot, as well as trashing the National Assembly (the place
 where the government meets), breaking its windows and trying to
 set it afire.
      Initially the Quebec police chief claimed that the riot had
 been instigated by an unnamed "extreme right wing" group.
 However, a State-controlled "anti-fascist" watchdog group, the
 "World Anti-Fascist League" was quick to set them right. WAL
 leader Alain Dufour, publicly fingered anarchists in general, and
 the newspaper Demanarchie in particular, as having instigated the
      Following Dufour's "revelations" a comrade was arrested for
 selling Demanarchie at Place Youville, the popular youth hangout
 where the riot had started. The comrade's house was subsequently
 raided and his computer seized, and then twenty police raided the
 Food Not Bombs in Quebec city (FNB is an anti-authoritarian
 anti-poverty group). A total of four people were arrested, three
 of whom were charged with growing pot. The comrade who had been
 arrested for selling the paper has been released but is under
 surveillance, and the FNB comrades will be appearing in court
 tomorrow. That evening the chief investigator for the Quebec
 police revealed that several dozen copies of Demanarchie had been
 found at one of the raided houses, and held up a copy for
 reporters to oogle, as if this was proof of anything.
      The situation has not stabilized yet, and the government is
 promising a through investigation, which means added heat and
 surveillance on the radical left in Quebec. It is important that
 comrades across Canada and the United States, and indeed around
 the world, pay attention to what is happening to us. We'll try
 and keep you posted as things progress. In the meantime, it
 should be taken for granted that money will be needed to defend
 our comrades, but as of yet I can't give any address for it to be
 sent. What people can do is telephone the Victoriaville Police
 Department and demand that the Quebec City police lay off of the
 radical Left and cease engaging in all of this post-riot
 repression. The phone number is: 819-752-4545.
      In closing, today the Montreal Section of Demanarchie
 released the following statement to the bourgeois media:
 Why You Have Understood Nothing Of The St-Jean Riot
      The Demanarchie collective rejects all claims of authorship
 and ownership of the St-Jean riot at Quebec City. Bear unto
 Caesar that which is Caesar's: the riot belongs only to those who
 participated in it.
      As we explained quite clearly in our editorial, the one that
 you find so controversial: "The Riot is a spontaneous
 phenomenon." This is to say that the accusations of a conspiracy
 and premeditation are nothing but lies meant to criminalize us on
 the basis of our political beliefs.
      The hunt for scapegoats  is an attempt to disguise the
 authorities' responsibility for the ever-worstening social
 climate which is making more and more young people feel like they
 have less and less to lose.
      If you really want to find those responsible for the damage
 done on the St-Jean, go check out the cops and the mass media.
 Policies of zero tolerance and sensationalistic blather provoke