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Re: Irregardless of spelling (was Re: Spelling Vs. Writing.

 In article <4qmdd3$>, MLGoodell
 <> writes
 >Taking time out from celebrating his high school graduation, ZeroEffort
 >begs our leave to make generalizations about "people who get uptight about
 >correct spelling and puncuation[sic]". MBarnard did such a nice job of
 >refuting that I shall limit myself to only #7:
 >>7) Dress formal whenever possible.
 >I believe that should be "dress formally whenever possible".
 Oh come on! ZE's version is as good as yours, or better! In most English
 dialects it's normal to drop the -ly, and I don't care for any formal
 grammarian's opinion.
 Reject the brainwash!  :)
 Sandy Fleming