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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1--BLAND Review

 Writing: Gary Carlson
 Artwork: Frank Fosco (p) Erik Larsen & Chance Wolf (i)
 Letters: Chris Eliopoulos
 Well, it's finally here. The moment you've all dreaded for months. No,
 not Onslaught! The first issue of Erik Larsen'ts TMNT! And to be
 honest? It's not half bad.
 We're dropped right into the action from the beginning as cyborgs
 storm the TMNT's birthday celebration and blast Donatello on page one.
 From there, it's no-holds-barred action as the turtles fight the
 cyborgs and their boss, a female ninja and realize just how outclassed
 they are. The cyborgs and the ninja kidnap Don and Splinter and try to
 take 'em back to the "Dragonlord", but Don escapes and Splinter
 manages to project a warning to the other turtles.
 This issue actually manages to capture the feel of the original TMNT
 quite well. Not only are we dropped right into the middle of the
 action, but there's something for everyone: action, humor, even a
 touching scene as Donatello experiences his birthday party in
 flashback. It's the first non-BIG BANG work that Gary Carlson's done
 that I've enjoyed.
 Frank Fosco's pencils, combined with inks by Chance Wolf and Erik
 Larsen, do a pretty good job of capturing the Turtle feel. I miss the
 ol' duotone look, though. There's room for improvement, to be sure,
 but at the same time I'm not displeased with what we've got. The
 Fosco/Wolf team should prove to be a formidable combination.
 This isn't a great comic. It's enjoyable, yes, it's fun, to be sure,
 but it still falls short of being a really good comic. On the other
 hand, it shows more than enough promise. I future issues are as good
 as this one was, you'll have another reliable book to add to your
 subscriptions list. If they're better, then we've got another gem on
 our hands. And hey, not a single pizza in sight.
 Aw, what the hell do I know anyway?
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