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 :>The eruption of a single volcano in the Phillippines emitted more
 :>atmospheric pollution into Earth's atmosphere than all 500 years of the
 :>industrial age.
 The type of pollution erupted out of this volcano is NOT the same type
 of substances being released by industrial sources.  Therefore, your
 comparison is unrelated.
 An interesting aside, though:  Krakatoa released more energy and more
 dust particles than if all the nuclear bombs on this planet were to
 explode.  There was no nuclear winter, not even a nuclear fall.  Of
 course, nuclear weapons also give off more high spectrum radiation, so
 there were be problems other than nuclear winter, with which we would
 have to deal.
 :>The worst pollutant on Earth is methane gas 99% of which is belched and
 :>farted by cows. Methane is mostly responsible for problems at the South
 :>Pole causing UV light to enter the Earth's system through ion depletion.
 :>In addition, cattle are responsible for the destruction of the rain forest
 :>in Brazil by cattle ranchers, and their milk and meat are responsible for
 :>great human agony through the immense amount of cholesterol which causes
 :>heart attacks and strokes in humans and other mammals who eat these
 This is one of the great media myths of the 20th century.  Humans
 could not come close to the herds of bison that roamed the North
 American plains before the arrival of Europeans to North America.  Nor
 could the same be true in Africa, for another example.  If anything,
 due to human activity, the number of animals releasing methane into
 the atmosphere has decreased.
 Therefore, you will need to go elsewhere to find facts to support your
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