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Wise Use Movement: A CLEAR View, Vol 4 Number 8, 6/9/97A CLEAR View, Vol 4 Number 8, 6/9/97

May 6, 1997
Volume 4, Number 8

Attached is the latest issue of _A CLEAR View_, our
periodic bulletin on the 'wise use' movement.

Permission to repost by electronic means (or reproduce in
other media) all or part of the attached report is granted
so long as the information is attributed to CLEAR.

Distribution within environmental organizations and
networks is encouraged.

Feel free to invite friends and colleagues to subscribe to
_A CLEAR View_ by encouraging them to send a message to:
<clear-view@ewg3.ewg.org> with the single
word "subscribe" in the subject line or body of the message.

Please visit our new WWW homepage at <www.ewg.org>
where current and back issues of _A CLEAR View_
can be downloaded.  While you're there, check out CLEAR's
database of "wise use" organizations, individuals and

As always, send along your news and leads regarding
'wise use'-- you are our eyes and ears!

Please contact CLEAR (at clear@ewg.org) with any
comments or questions.

Thank you.

Vol. 4 No. 8
June 9, 1997

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