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Ever Play 20 Questions?

I apologize for the length of this post.  The "20 Questions" by Dave
Kuehne leads nicely into the self-executing, compressed file which
contains the Appeal Brief filed by McVeigh's attorney with the 10th
Circuit, requesting a delay.  This should dispel any doubt that
McVeigh's attorney let the court know about what he obviously felt to be
a conspiracy.  The judge in the case refused to let any of this into the
trial. The copy of the appeal brief is apparently posted somewhere on
the Internet in 18 sections.  Attorney Larry Becraft pieced it together
and sent it to me, and I to you.  Distribute far and wide.



THIRTY QUESTIONS ON OKLAHOMA CITY.... Do we really want to know the 

(Note: Asking questions like this could be hazardous to your health.)

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>In a message dated 97-05-30 16:49:12 EDT, Jack@minerva.com writes:
><< The principle thing one observes about Tim's trial is how quickly a
> supposedly technial country entering an information age has sunk into
> an age of ignorance instead.  A movie like Lost World makes 90 million
> dollars in its first weekend .......and everyone knows it is all special
> effects.  Yet, when the government creates some special effects to cover
> the actual explosions that took out the Murrah bldg everyone seems to be
> too technically incompetent to comprehend how the wool is being pulled over
> their eyes.  There is simply no way that AFNO could do the damage that was
> done .......and notice particulary  question 13 below having to do with
> the facts in the manuals used to train government demolition experts.  That
> fact does not say who or why the bldg was blown up .....but it certainly
> says Tim had little to do with it.  The following questions were posted on
> ROC earlier in the week.  And the disgusting thing is that the utterly
> corrupt judge at the trial basically told Tim's defense that they could
> not introduce any evidence which countered the case by producing alternate
> explanations ......since the governments case is totally lacking in self
> consistency .......at least I would think that the most necessary fact for
> self consistency: that the proposed explosive could have caused the actual
> damage was never touched on.  And on top of that a Federal panels has
> decided that jury nullification is bad ......but gives no other recourse
> when the governments cases on continually based on a few scattered data
> points that are neither self consistent nor have any connection with reality

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