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The Konformist: 27 May, 1997 Part II

>From Barry Chamish's upcoming Feral House book, Who Killed Yitzhak Rabin=

>                  THE THIRD SHOT AT RABIN by Barry Chamish
>   The conspiracy to shoot Yitzhak Rabin is now proved. According to the=

Shamgar Commission Report, the testimony at the trial of Yigal Amir, and =
Kempler film, the alleged assassin Yigal Amir shot Rabin twice in the bac=
But what if Rabin had a third wound in the chest? That Amir could not hav=
done from behind...And that is precisely the case.
>   The story of the discovery of the third, chest wound begins a month a=
when a determined amateur researcher, Natan Gefen, showed me a copy of th=
last page of a report signed by Dr. Mordecai Gutman at 22:30 on Ichilov
Hospital stationery. Of Rabin's wounds Dr. Gutman wrote,"Bullet wound in
upper lung lobe of 2.5-3 cm. Exit wound in the direction of D5-6 with a
shattering of the vertebrae."
>   The document was remarkable to say the least. For one thing, no other=

source ever mentioned that Rabin's spinal cord was shattered. I called a
friend, Dr. Kent Barshov for a better understanding of what Dr. Gutman
wrote. Dr. Barshov said, "What is being described is a shot to the chest
which entered and exited the lung, shattering vertebrae numbers D5-6 in t=
upper back."
>   Could such a wound have been caused by a shot to the back? "Not likel=
To do so, the bullet would have had to have entered the back, pierced the=

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