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eeurope-news digest (97/05/19 2952)Merrill/Hough, Wegren/Hough, Fast/Non-laser incident,

Johnson's Russia List
20 May 1997

[Note from David Johnson:
  1. Doug Merrill: Jerry Hough on money.
  2. Steve Wegren (Southern Methodist) Jerry Hough on Russian=20
studies. (DJ: Steve was a research intern at the Center for
Defense Information many moons ago. Let me also observe that
I really don't think its necessary for university professors
to avoid expressing their views in the pages of Johnson's Russia
List--or the New York Times.)
  3. Lawrence Fast: Canadian View - What attack on a Canadian=20
  4. Fred Weir on Sturua.
  5. Miriam Lanskoy: What's in a name.
  6. Richard Hirschler (World Bank): new Transition on net.
  7. From Russia Today: Satire by Mary Campbell, Conspiracy Theory. =20
  8. Los Angeles Times: Jonathan Weber, Top Soviet Minds Try to=20
Reinvent Lives in America.
  9. ITAR-TASS: Ukraine: 5,000 'Leading' Scientists Have Left Kiev=20
in Past 5 Years.
  10. ITAR-TASS: Russian Death Rate Rising.
  11. Sovetskaya Rossiya: Zyuganov Claims War Is Being Waged Against=20
Russian Patriots.

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