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Waco: The Rules of Engagement- A Review By Jon Lebkowsky

>From: Jon Lebkowsky <jonl@onr.com>
>Subject: CYBERDAWG: Waco: The Rules of Engagement
>Waco: The Rules of Engagement
>A review by Jon Lebkowsky
>Copyright <c> 1997 by Jon Lebkowsky
>Feel free to distribute without change or abridgement.
>Attached below is a piece I wrote for Fringe Ware Review #8, published in
>May 1995.  Having acknowledged that something bad happened at Waco and that
>the "proper authorities" certainly lied about it, I filed my memories of
>Waco away and got on with other stuff which is to say, I never really got
>it.  Today, that changed. I saw William Gazecki's documentary film "Waco:
>The Rules of Engagement," and got it like a jackboot in the jaw.  As we
>left the theatre my wife Marsha, in tears, said "They were doing just what
>we wanted to do [recounting a 60s dream of ours to start a child-oriented
>communal family] how could this have happened?"
>"This" is the raid on the compound that resulted in the deaths of 76 men,
>women, and children who lived there, members of a Christian sect that was a
>little strange, but certainly not a cult.  If you think that David Koresh
>was a whacky megalomaniac who abused children and led a mindless band of
>followers to commit ritual apocalyptic suicide rather than surrender to the
>FBI, don't feel too weird: somebody wanted you to believe that
>characterization.  And you don't have to believe me when I tell you it was
>very wrong, all you have to do is see this film (if it finds general
>release; there's currently no distribution deal).
>After you've seen the film, you'll have a better sense who Koresh was, and
>who the Branch Davidians were, and you'll know that you were fed a pile of
>complete bullshit by government and media sources=85unless you were reading
>alternative accounts and histories, many of which were posted online, or
>unless you had the opportunity, as Monte McCarter and I did, to talk to
>survivors and assess their credibility face to face.
>Even though I was the author of one of those alternate histories, and even
>though the piece below is somewhat better than the lazy reportage found in
>national press at the time, I didn't get it=85it didn't hit me how bad this
>really was.

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