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The Dilbert Newsletter 14.0

  - Benefits of DNRC Membership
  - True Stories of Induhviduals
  - Naked pictures on our web site
  - Babylon 5 King Maker Scheme
  - Dogbert Answers My Mail
  - Mary's Sandwich Report

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DNRC Status Report

As members of the DNRC you probably noticed that you are becoming
smarter and sexier every minute of your life.  That's not the only
benefit of membership.  Someday soon, Dogbert will conquer the
planet and you will become his new ruling class.  The others
 -- the so-called Induhviduals -- will become our homely yet
obedient personal servants.

I don't mean to make the future sound like a utopia.  There's a big
downside to having Induhviduals as servants, especially in the home.  For
example, they can't always tell the difference between the kids and the
house pets.  If you don't keep an eye on the nanny, your kids will be
eating pellets while your wiener dog is studying romance languages at
Harvard.  That's not the sort of thing your children will forgive you for
later.  And your wiener dog will be arrogant.

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