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Moonie, Moonie.Re: Maurice Davis

To Martin Hunt and his kind:

What's your motivation for slandering the Unification Church? Do you get
paid to do this? Do you belong to a deprogramming organization that pays
you to do this kind of "terrorist" activity? Is it a means of stirring
up interest for your anti-cult books or to attract clients for
"counseling" fees? 

Or is this a pro-homosexual effort to counter our pro-family message? Or
a political effort by liberals who dislike our conservative message;
e.g.., The Washington Times? Or a Jewish effort by people who dislike
our revealing the truth about Jesus' messiahship in such a convincing
way? Or a Christian effort by people who simply disagree with our
messianic theology? 

Is this slandering being done by atheists who recognize our scientific-
and logic-based theology is dangerous to their cause? Is it being done
by people who have been brainwashed by deprogrammers into believing we
are dangerous? Or is it just a matter of the devil possessing these
people, just as he did to Judas Iscariot? (Luke 22:3)

I can only guess what motivates you people, but what is obvious though
is the refusal of people like you to discuss theology. Knowing the power
and accuracy of Reverend Moon's revelations can not be successfully
challenged, you resort to slander, lying, and accusing us of "mind
control!" And why not? Similar strategies worked against Jesus when he
lived! For instance, when the religious leaders saw how powerful Jesus
was becoming and how he threatened the status quo, they...

Bore false witness:

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