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Re: Who Rules America? (The Jewish Control of the Media

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  mcculloch@mail.utexas.edu (Jim McCulloch) wrote:
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> (Michael) wrote:
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> > Now answer honestly the facts presented in the article "Who Rules
> > America" by Dr. William Pierce.
> The only facts presented by Dr. Pierce in his article demonstrate that a
> number of Jews here in the United States have prospered in the tv, movie,
> and newspaper businesses.  So what?  Dr. Pierce FAILS to demonstrate that
> (a) such Jews can successfully brainwash the rest of the country, or (b)
> that they would want to do so.

I can be civil to people who are at least making an effort to
understand when trying to find the truth. You are dishonest ala

A NUMBER OF JEWS?  That's like saying a patient has 'a number' of
cancer cells which does not prove that the patient actually has

By your sophomoric reasoning (a)if someone pointed a gun to your head
no one could DEMONSTRATE that they could successfully blow your brains
out,  (b) or that they would want to do so.

> The latter unproved assumption is more interesting, and more revealing of
> the general moral swinishness of Doktor Pierce, than the former, so I will
> take a moment to explore it's profound illogic and bigotry.

You are not capable of identifying logic.

> Suppose Anabaptist sectarians like the Amish, the Hutterites, the
> Mennonites, and so forth, by virtue of their industry and intelligence and

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