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updated "sector 9"


Congratulations on a brilliant webpage. It is most excellent. I have already
ordered one of your books. I am a clearing practitioner who has never been in
the church and have been wanting to put sector 9 on the web - have only just
learned about your weppage. 

I am sending you my own version of Sector 9 because I feel that the original
version was too negative and had too many difficult words. 

I would be especially happy if you would include my list of positive things that
ANYONE can DO to turn this game around. This list is given right at the end,
before the references. 

Best wishes from 


here goes: 

Sector 9 

The Real Purpose behind the 'New World Order' 


Our Wonderful Alternative 

by SW 

With thanks to Captain Bill Robertson 

You may have noticed after reading a lot of informative and occasionally
frightening stuff about Conspiracies, the New World Order, Aliens, Mind Control
and the like, a lack of two very important pieces of information: 

 1.Why a group of people like the 'New World Order' would want to control Earth
    with one suppressive world government (other than for the gratification of
    their ego). 

 2.A positive, constructive alternative that we can all work towards. It
needs to
    be at least as BIG a goal as that of the new world order, if we are going to

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