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The Conspiracy to Kill... RabinThe Conspiracy to Kill..

Greetings Doug!

 -=> Quoting Douglas Friedman to Frank Reichert <=-

 DF> My feeling is that if we wait until they invade us, we've waited too
 DF> long.  Better to fight on someone else's territory. Plus there's the
 DF> ideological  issue. When the Germans were winning WWII, there was a 
 DF> of support for  adopting the Nazi cause, both here and in England.
 DF> Never enough to get  anywhere near control, but there were many
 DF> accommodationists. As Islam gets  more powerful abroad and gains
 DF> adherents here, through both immigration and  conversion, we can 
 DF> more pressure to adhere to their requirements,  much as India felt
 DF> compelled to adopt a separate divorce law for Muslim  women that
 DF> basically stripped them of all rights to decide whether to get a 
 DF> divorce and to receive alimony. If the U.S. seems weak in the face 
 DF> this,  many Americans will decide maybe we should try something
 DF> similar. How often  do you hear praise for the Nation of Islam
 DF> (Farrakhan's outfit) for  restoring order in crime-ridden areas. 
 DF> PR helps them gain strength and  then political legitimacy. I doubt
 DF> this would lead to a libertarian  society.

I guess Doug I have never looked at it this way.  In fact, I do not feel
particularly threated by Islam, at least any more of a threat than any
other religous belief that I do not hold to.  This is especially true 
when it involves a foreign policy against another nation of a 
predominently different religion than the one I hold to myself.

Historically, Christians have usually been a minority.  I look at the
ancient history of how christianity spread and I am even amazed that it
exists today in any form.  It was brutally savaged by the Romans just
for starters.  The Jewish "homeland" from whence it originated was
openly hostile to it.  

So, as a Christian, I feel this is normal.  Islam is no more a threat to
the Christian religion than is the world at large.  I simply believe that
the church exists today because it is of supernatural origin.  That is
my belief, and I know I am going beyond any libertarian ideology here
that neither endorses or opposes matters of faith and religion.  But 
here I feel it is necessary to define how I personally feel about this
notion.  Christianity receives no special breaks here.  Islam is no
special sinister force that is more important to oppose than anthing 
else out there!  My religious belief however is really Christian.  The

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