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Where are my maps?

Can anybody help me? I've build a VRML 1.0 mockup of an existing gallery
at my town. The entire work is a little complex but works very well
offline, i mean, loading directly from the hard disk. However, when i
try to load from the server, the 3D structure comes ok, but some of the
gifs and jpegs maps don't. I tried to change the server (we have a
MacIntosh WorkGroup server 9150 and a IBM pc Pentium working with
Unix/Linux o.s.) I also tried to fuse all parts of the structure that
was separated (www inlined) into an unique file. Nothing happened.
The VRML files are all g-zipped (i also tried to load them unpacked) and
they work ok even loaded from a floppy disk. I've seen lots of VRML
worlds much more complex than mine, so what's happening? Any tip will be
very appreciated. The URL of the VRML malfunction is:
If you choose the SO OBRAS option in the menu under the scene, only the
art works will appear (without the building)...with all the maps that
don't come in the default (full) scene!
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