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Re: Can VRML generate objects on the fly ?

At 15:59 16/12/96 -0200, Juliano Ipolito wrote:
>Hi All,
>I would like to know if there is a way of
>generate objects in my world as the user steps around it.
>For example, when the user is at position 0 0 0 he sees only a cube,
>when he goes to 10 0 0, then he sees a sphere etc.
>Note that I don't want use LOD. The browser should download
>the objects (various files) as the user steps into the world.
>Can it be done using java ?
Yes, you can do that using External Authoring Interface with Java. The only
browser that support EAI is currently Cosmoplayer PC version. I think you
should write a Java program that receives the eventOut of a big
proximitysensor, and based on the position of the viewer, add nodes to the

I have done the similra things and it works in PC version. As far as I now,
SGI version doesn't support EAI yet.

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