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Call for Papers and Book Chapters

The British Computer Society Computer Graphics & Displays Group will
hold an International Conference on this theme to take place at the
National Museum of Photography, Film & Television, Bradford, UK
14-17 April 1997. 

See  or read the following:

A book based on, but not restricted to, papers presented at the event
will be published after the meeting.  There is a lot of current interest
in tools and techniques for generating, exploring and displaying
graphics and multimedia via the network and WWW.  New approaches for
accessing, analyzing, and collaborating on virtual environments over
networks are being developed.  Types of data include real-time, dynamic
and static scientific, medical, environmental, sociological, scholastic,
industrial and financial data, and 3D objects. 

Topics to be covered may include (and are not limited to) the following -

 # Building Virtual Environments        # Virtual Laboratories
 # JAVA, VRML developments and uses     # Multi-user 3D environments, MOO
 # Multimedia browsers                  # Using 3D to 'surf' the Web
 # Audio on the Web                     # Interaction and feedback in VEs
 # 3D Navigation techniques             # Teleporting into 3D worlds
 # Integration of Multimedia and        # Use of 3D and Multimedia in
   Video Conferencing                     electronic publishing
 # CSCW with added data types           # VR and distributed VR on the net
 # Use of VEs in Teaching and Learning  # Remote and distance learning
 # Remote rendering over the net, LOD   # Broadband networks and ATM
 # VEs for remote visualization         # Use of AI techniques in VEs
 # Video and animation on the net       # Multimedia in VEs
 # New user interface designs for VEs   # Collision detection and presence
 # Virtual humans and agents            # Architectures, novel technologies

Other areas of interest will also be considered by the editors.

Selection of papers for presentation at the conference will be by
invitation or by review of extended abstracts.  Chapters for the book
will be selected by review of full papers.  Initial interest should be
expressed by contacting the Co-Chairs at the addresses given below with
four paper copies or one e-mail copy of an extended abstract giving a
title, a description of the paper content, the name(s) and
affiliation(s) of author(s), a contact address (e-mail and/or postal),
telephone and/or FAX number, and an indication of AV requirements.  The
AV facilities provided by the NMPFT are of a high standard and
presenters are encouraged to use on-line facilities where appropriate. 
If a paper is accepted for the conference, one of the authors will be
expected to attend to present it.  In this case Conference fees will be
waived for the presenter. 

Important dates

        #  Receipt of extended abstracts                1 November 96

        #  Agreement on draft programme                 1 December 96
                (Notifications to authors)

        #  Final programme confirmation                 15 January 97

        #  Receipt of papers for conference             1 February 97

        #  Receipt of final papers for book             1 April 97
                (Illustrations and electronic text)

        #  Conference (2 days)                          16-17 April 97
                (Pre-Conference Courses: 14-15 April)

        #  Acceptance of final book format              30 April 97

The conference will be preceded by two days of tutorials and an exhibition
will be mounted to run concurrently with the programme.

Contact Addresses:


Please send all submissions to the first named person below.  Potential
exhibitors and any queries can be addressed to any of the Co-Chairs. 

Prof R. A. Earnshaw                             Huw Jones
Electronic Imaging and Media Communications     Centre for Electronic Arts
University of Bradford                          Middlesex University
BRADFORD  BD7 1DP                               Cat Hill
UK                                              BARNET  EN4 8HT
Tel: 44-(0)-1274-384001	                        UK
Fax: 44-(0)-1274-383727	                        Email:
                                                Roy Middleton
Prof John A. Vince                              Graphics and Multimedia
Virtual Reality Society	                        University of Edinburgh
P.O. Box 316                                    The Kings Buildings
Haywards Heath                                  Mayfield Road
West Sussex  RH117 5YA                          EDINBURGH  EH9 3JZ
UK                                              UK
Tel: 44-(0)-1444-414792                         Tel: 44-(0)-131-650-4994
Fax: 44-(0)-1444-414792                         Fax: 44-(0)-131-650-6552
Email:                       Email: