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VRML doubts ...


I'm new in this mailing list... and I have several questions... PLEASE, if you 
know any of them, email me !!!

1) How to control the initial camera position ???
I know how to put the camera in a place of the vrml world... but how can I put 
the place where i want he point ???

2) How can I control the resolution of the texture images ???
I know there is a command named LOD... but I dont know how to use it.

3) in the status bar of a vrml world exists...  WALK, SLIDE... etc... and one 
named LAMP... that is ON when I load a vrml world, so the light sources doesnt 
have effect...... is there any way to put it OFF automatically with any command 

4) How can I do a inclinated SpinGroup ???

5) Where is a real-good VRML tutorial ??? :)

Thanks, Naiad.
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