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to use BrowserObject with Netscape

Hi everybody,

my problem to load another page in a targetFrame is "nearly" solved....
this means: the following script works only in Explorer with World View,
but I'd prefer it to work with Netscape and Cosmo, because my animations
are faster there.
Does anybody have an idea why these links don't work with


DEF zeiten Script {
mustEvaluate TRUE
eventIn SFTime startTime_9_15
eventIn SFTime startTime_10_30
eventIn SFTime startTime_14_00
eventIn SFTime startTime_17_50
field MFString HTML_B "..\HTML\vr_office2.html"
field MFString target_B "target=inhalt"
field MFString HTML_C "..\HTML\vr_office3.html"
field MFString target_C "target=inhalt"
field MFString HTML_D "..\HTML\vr_office4.html"
field MFString target_D "target=inhalt"
field MFString HTML_A "..\HTML\vr_office1.html"
field MFString target_A "target=inhalt"

url [ "javascript:
	function startTime_9_15(time, ts) {
	Browser.loadURL(HTML_B, target_B);
	function startTime_10_30(time, ts) {
		Browser.loadURL(HTML_C, target_C);
	function startTime_14_00(time, ts) {
		Browser.loadURL(HTML_D, target_D);
	function startTime_17_50(time, ts) {
		Browser.loadURL(HTML_A, target_A);

ROUTE TIMER_A_B.startTime TO zeiten.startTime_9_15
ROUTE TIMER_B_C.startTime TO zeiten.startTime_10_30
ROUTE TIMER_C_D.startTime TO zeiten.startTime_14_00
ROUTE TIMER_D_A.startTime TO zeiten.startTime_17_50

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