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INFO: Mailbase


This is an automatic message from Mailbase. YOU DO NOT NEED TO REPLY.

Mailbase is a service which runs electronic discussion lists for
academics. You are registered as a Mailbase user and we have the
following information about you : 

On Thursday 27 November 1997 at 17:59:35  the following details were held
at Mailbase about your list memberships:

Email Address : scl7@netbase.t0.or.at
Name : scl 7

You are a member of these Mailbase lists


Leaving a list
To leave one list, send a message to the Mailbase program at:


In the body of your message, please type:


Type the name of the list for LISTNAME

On the Web

The Mailbase web has information about Mailbase and Mailbase lists. This
includes message archives for all our public lists, searching facilities,
user guides, summary of all commands.
Go to:


for more information.

Getting Help

If you are having problems using Mailbase please contact the Mailbase
Helpline (a person) by sending a message to 


Setting up a new list

Staff from UK higher education can apply to have a new list setup at
Mailbase, provided that the list will benefit the UK higher education and
research community, and is directly related to research or teaching within
the UK HE community or support of these activities. 

For more information see:



The Mailbase Team