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Re: splines ???

> Hi,
> we plan to model a roller coaster in VRML.
> 1. Does anybody know if there are splines in VRML?
> 2. If not, does anybody have an idea how to model the rail?

We're planning a similar thing (actually, the same thing).

I see three options:
- Use an off-line process to generate a mesh.
- Use an extrusion
- Use a java program to create the geometry on the fly
  (reduces download, but prevents some optimization by the browser).

The more fun part is making the car behave properly. ;-)

There is also the option of having an interface in VRML for changing
the track. That would be fun.

Just out of curiosity, how well implemented are the extrusion nodes?
(We'd be using Worldview, Cosmo wouldn't install properly, and I
refuse to spend time trying to fix it).

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