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24.10. Marko Peljhan (SLO) 19:00 Präsentation und Demonstration zu Satelliten Scanning/Hacking

Freitag 24.10.  Marko Peljhan (SLO) 
-------------------------------------------------------19:00 media~space!

"Command, Communications And Control Over Eastern Europe -  Tactical
Präsentation und Demonstration zu Satelliten Scanning/Hacking

The lecture will present the current legal and political state of affairs
in the field of practical and theoretical possibilities of
telecommunications interception over satellite based networks. Emphasis
will be on wider legal, operational and tactical aspects of the project
connected to MAKROLAB and the work done together with Brian Springer in the
summer of 1997 at the documenta X in Kassel. A demonstration of Satellite
Scanning will be given. 

Born Nova Gorica, Slovenia 1969.
Founder of the organization Projekt Atol and PACT (Projekt Atol
Communication Technologies) in the frame of which he carries on his
research in the fields of performance, technology applications, radio,
sound, video, film, lectures and situations. 
He also works as programs coordinator of Ljudmila (Ljubljana digital media
lab - http://www.ljudmila.org) and as operations coordinator of the
Makrolab project which is currently being shown at dokumenta X.  

public netbase media~space! 
institute for new culture technologies/t0
museumsplatz 1
a-1070 vienna, austria
fon: +43 1 522 18 34