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Freitag 10.10. Simon Davies (privacy.org / UK) 19:00

Freitag 10.10. Simon Davies (privacy.org / UK)
"Touching Big Brother - How New Technologies will fuse Flesh and Machine"
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(Vortrag in englischer Sprache)

The architects of twentieth century technology aim to create a complete
intimacy between humans and machines. Human identity, personal choice,
idiosyncrasies and individual history are integrated not merely as hard
data, but as part of the very core of the functioning of technology. And,
as machines of every type become interoperable, this intimacy moves from
gimmickry to symbiosis, and finally to a tool of mass control.
This symbiosis of flesh and machine is not some benign economic
relationship, but a crucial political issue no different to any other
involving power and control. In short, by demanding our partnership,
technology is removing human identity.Privacy of the individual is one
small but fundamental facet in this evolving relationship between humans
and technology. 
Free market economics, privatization, the erosion of sovereignty
globalization, and the convergence of big business are combining with the
evolution of technology to create humans who - while perhaps being more
sophisticated that their ancestors - are denied the full spectrum of
benefits that technology could have offered.  In this talk, British
academic and privacy campaigner Simon Davies will present a polemic on
technology and its implications. He will describe the key features of the
new fusion - perfect identity, perfect knowledge and total control - and
will describe the technologies which will make this nightmare a reality -
biometris, robotics, mass surveillance and so on.

Simon Davies has worked for the past ten years as a specialist in privacy
and data protection. He is a Visiting Fellow in the Computer Security
Research Centre of the London School of Economics, and a Visiting Fellow in
the Department of Law of the University of Essex. Simons writing on privacy
and technology has been published extensively.
He has written five books (the most recent being Big Brother, published by
Pan UK), and contributes regularly to more than two dozen newspapers,
journals and periodicals including the Daily Telegraph, New Scientist,
Wired and the Independent. He has also been a consultant adviser to
numerous government, professional and corporate bodies, including the
British Medical Association, the United Kingdom Department of Social
Security, the Ontario Privacy and Information Commissioner and Telecom
In 1990, Simon founded a global coalition of privacy experts and advocates
- Privacy International - which now has academic, professional and activist
members in more than forty countries.Privacy International currently
publishes the International Privacy Bulletin, organises two conferences per
year,  and conducts a variety of campaigns and research projects on
surveillance and privacy subjects. Simon has campaigned on privacy issues
from Identity cards to military surveillance in twenty countries.

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