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Which ISDN connection do I get for Video conferencing?


I would be grateful if anyone out there who has experimented with 
video-conferencing using ISDN.

We need a connection which will allow the transfer of:

Video information (Connectix Camera)
Sharing of a computer aided design application

using Microsoft's NetMeeting.

Does anyone know if BTs ISDN2 (2 channel) connection will provide
an adequate service or do we need to increase the number of channels 
or switch back and forth say between the video and the application.
We don't mind if the video frame rate is slow, the main thing is that 
we are able to share the application satisfactorily.

Many thanks

Ben Parish

Ben Parish,
Research Fellow,
Department of Fashion and Textiles,
Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design,
Southampton Row,
London WC1B 4AP.

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