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Learn VRML 2.0 Online for $250

ARTNETWEB's Online Education Center is offering a totally virtual course
in developing 3d web sites using VRML 2.0.  This course is being taught
by Remo Campopiano, organizer of PORT: Navigating Digital Culture at
MIT, and Marek Walczak, architect and officer of the New York VRML SIG.
Next class starts October 4, 1997.  To register, call 212-925-1885 or
508-336-0855 and ask for Remo...the $100 discount off the $350 tuition
still applies for the October 4st starting date.  To learn more about
this online course and view the syllabus, visit:
http://artnetweb.com/center/  You can learn more about "how an online
course works" at the same site.

--Remo Campopiano, ARTNETWEB, 426 Broome St., NY, NY 10013
email: anw@interport.net

*** Please send administrative requests to <majordomo@sdsc.edu> ***