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Hi everybody,

I'm new on this list so sorry if this question has already been asked.
I'm a beginner in VRML, and I have to use it for my internship. Moreover
I'm French so my english may be not very good.

My problem :
I'd like to know if it's possible to separate a VRML screen in several
I mean I would like a main window with a 3D World (a map for example), 
a 2D window on the left which would be static (for the legend), and a 2D
window with text (for the title).

I know the simplest way to do that is to create frames in a HTML file,
but I'd like only 1 file, a WRL one.
Moreover I can't use tools to generate my world, because I have to
create my file from an existant 3D Geometry.

Thanks for all your answers.

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