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3D WEB Releases Activate -- VRML 2 Library


(San Francisco, California -- June 20, 1997) -- 3D WEB (www.3dweb.com) -- a 
leader in 3D multimedia tools for the World Wide Web  announced the release 
of Activate(tm), the VRML 2 Solution for 3rd Party Software Developers.

Activate jump-starts any 3D application with VRML 2 support.  The technology 
allows 3rd party software developers to quickly and painlessly add VRML 
import and export capabilities to existing or new applications.  This 
technology consists of four main components that can be licensed together or 

--- VRML2-Parser ---

Parses all VRML2 nodes and optionally calls back into your application every 
time a node is recognized.

--- VRML 2-SceneGraph ---

Populates the above mentioned call-backs with source-code to build a scene 
that corresponds to the VRML file just parsed using the API of the host 
applications (i.e., OpenGL(tm), Direct3D(tm), Heidi(tm), etc.). At the end 
you will have an in-memory scene consisting of geometry (with textures, 
mapping info and materials), viewpoints, lights, background information, and 
a transformation hierarchy.

--- VRML 2-Out ---

We also supply an API (much easier to use than VRML) which builds an 
in-memory scene. This scene can then be exported in an efficient formatted 
manner. We can also look at a non-VRML scene and, using this API, export 
this scene to VRML. 

--- VRML 2-Action ---

We also have technology and experience simulating the VRML execution model 
so your worlds come alive. This is done through implementing objects for 
Interpolators, sensors, and ROUTES. Scripting is another possibility.

*** Licensing, Contact Info and Consulting Services ***

All components are licensed royalty free with an option to purchase source 
code.  This is a supported product with upgrades and technical support. For 
a complete FAQ and up-to-date info, check www.3dweb.com/html/licensing.html. 
 For questions about Activate, send your contact information and questions 
to info@3dweb.com with the subject heading "Activate"

We also have a highly skilled staff of 3D programmers to assist customers 
with integration efforts.  For more information on our consulting services, 
send your contact information to mike@3dweb.com.

*** About 3D WEB ***

3D WEB is a self-funded startup financed through consulting services.  
Founded in 1992 as a Real-time 3D/C++ consulting company, we have developed 
a number of real-time 3D projects (in reverse chronological order):

WorldToolKit for Windows, 1992 -1994

For Sense8(tm), a leader in real-time 3D toolkits, 3D WEB helped Sense8 port 
WorldToolKit(tm) from Unix/DOS to Windows.  WorldToolKit for Windows(tm) was 
required to be completely compatible with similar libraries running on six 
other platforms. It also had to run on Win32(tm), WIN32S(tm), and work with 
all C++ compilers available. It was both a DLL and static library. Developed 
demonstrations and documentation.  Enhanced and maintained this toolkit 
through release 2.X.

SIGGRAPH Trade Show Demonstrations, Sense8 Corporation

For Sense8, 3D WEB helped create a Virtual Sailing demonstration that allows 
users to don a Fakespace BOOM for full immersion and take an afternoon sail 
on the San Francisco Bay in a 22' fool sailing sloop.  Required to program 
steering interaction between tiller and user.  Features included sail 
morphing (luffing), boat rocking and realistic wave action. Written in 
Visual C++(tm) and WorldToolKit 2.1(tm).  Also helped Sense8 develop a 
multi-user motorcycle demonstration where two motorcyclists tried to destroy 
the other person in a Tron-like environment.  Audience members were able to 
place obstacles in the way of the motorcyclists. Written in Visual C++ using 
WorldToolKit 2.1.  

SPINNER(tm) for 95/NT(tm), A 3D WEB Product, 1994-Present

A week after the VRML 1.0 specification was released, 3D WEB began 
developing a 3DS- and DXF-to-VRML converter called Portal. Future revisions 
resulted in a 3D VRML scene layout tool called SPINNER.  This complex 
commercial 32-bit object-oriented MS Windows application allows 
non-programmers to create real-time 3D scenes for the Internet (VRML). This 
product was developed using Microsoft Visual C++/MFC(tm) 4.X, 5.0 and 
WorldToolKit for Windows Release 6.  The user interface and responsive and 
intuitive program make the complex task of designing 3D VRML scenes with 
behaviors (which allow end-user interaction, animation, sound, and WWW 
links) as easy as possible to design and deploy to the Web. 

For more information on SPINNER, check out 
http://www.3dweb.com/html/products.html or send email to info@3dweb.com      




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