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Re: reading from stdin

nOn Mon, 2 Jun 1997, Markus Hald wrote:

> is there a way to get any input from the keyboard
> in a script (using the internal interface or EAI) 
> without loosing the focus from the VRML-plugIn.
> All i wanna do is to check if 'Shift' is pressed, 
> while the user is dragging an object in the scene.
> I'm anything but a java-expert. All i know is that an
> applet can NOT read from stdin. Does a program in a 
> script node can or is there another way to get input
> while dragging.

Markus, currently the focus is taken over by the VRML plugin, so
the applet won't get any events unless you move the mouse down to
the applet view.

Layers (NS 4.0) might provide a way to get events over one region
where the applet is super-imposed on top of the VRML world, but
it's a new domain with interesting side effects and such, most


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