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Re: Aother hard one on PROTO & vrml/java-script

> 1. I define a PROTO and I want to create an object out of it from a script.
> The example below shows my effort which does not work:

I am not sure if the browser object in the Script node acts the same as the one
found in the External Authoring Interface, but if it is, then your creation is
failing because that prototype is not defined in that scope.  The string passed
to that function should actually look something like (and this is taken out of
some of my code that I know works):

 final String _vrmlInitString =
  "#VRML V2.0 utf8\n" +
  "EXTERNPROTO Particle[\n" +
  "  eventIn  SFVec3f positionIn\n" +
  "] \"ParticleDefinition.wrl\"\n" +

The string needed a VRML header, and I had to declare the prototype as an
extern proto for that proto 'name' to be bound to a definition in the context
of that create function.

Good luck!

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