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Re: Tectonic strain and luminous phenomena

 In article <>, says...
 >Doug Shakel ( wrote:
 >: But there should be a thin literature trail under something 
 >: like "earthquake lights".  
 >I wouldn't call it a thin trail - obscure for sure, and, one that 
 >branches out in a numer of places.
 >: Such reports were MORE common 
 >: prior to the turn of this century (when electric lighting of 
 >: urban areas began to develop).
 >Wrong. In certain areas, with high EQ activity, they have always been 
 >common and they always will be common. This includes rural and 
 >undeveloped natural areas as well as over the ocean. Those must have been 
 >reports of transformers blowing up, and transformers blowing up are simply 
 >transformers blowing up, which does in fact occur during EQ's, but which is 
 >not to be confused with EQ lights.
 >EQ lights have *nothing* to do with flying saucers.
 >They are also *not* ball lightning nor lightning as they occur on 
 >perfectly clear skies.
 >: but the Japanese actually 
 >: photographed the phenom. during early episodes of the first 
 >: successful earthquake predictions in the late 60's or early 
 >: 70's.
 >Good! The most recent report of EQ lights in California was during the 
 >Dec 25th EQ in Eureka at about 6am. It was about a 5.4. People thought a 
 >meteor had hit the area as they saw the lights and everything shook. The 
 >Cape Mendocino/Coastal Humboldt County area has spectacular EQ lights.
 >As far as the US goes, it has to be hands down the best place to study 
 >them, and, hopefully NASA has an eye from space trained on the area
 >for future study.
 >I've seen them *and* plenty of transformers and power lines go off during 
 >EQ's and EQ lights are organically produced and they are common.
 >They just happen very fast and during times when there is plenty else to be 
 >distracted by going on.
 >Southern California seems to be a dud when it comes to them.
 >Also, in coastal areas, when there is a Red Tide and the EQ is located 
 >offshore, the agitation of the Red Tide by the seismic waves could be 
 >responisble for *some* reports of EQ lights.
 >I believe that there are several types of EQ lights, each resulting from 
 >different organic processes, but, all activated by seismic wave trains.
 What about the drop in groundwater level observed in the period 
 prior to some earthquakes or just as a stress release mechanism? 
 A good indication of large scale cataclasis. I read somewhere that 
 the cataclasis was on the order of about a two percent increase in 
 pore space volume. All those microfractures would release a large 
 amount strain energy that would vaporize small amounts of rock along 
 the fracture surface  producing a plasma. Which I would suspect may 
 seep out of the ground through the rock fractures. Has anyone ever 
 observed this outside of a rock stress lab?
 The original poster (B. Zeller) was looking for rebuttals to 
 M. A. Persingerís (a psychologist at Laurentian University.) theory 
 that UFO are associated with the charged particles released by 
 fracturing of rock under stress producing ball lightning and intense 
 radio emissions. I do not even know if Persinger has even published 
 this theory, but he likes explaining it on TV.
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