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Re: This is so stupid it may be true...

 Bill Laznovsky wrote:
 > Let's set the record straight...when exactly was this supposed to have
 > happened? I'd be more than happy to research this. Sure would be a lameass
 > thing to do unless you're after the Roadrunner.
 Therein lies the rub. Someone else posted dates and verifiable sources 
 on when the *story* first showed up. These are notably missing from the 
 popular accounting. The earliest verified date of the story is 
 early 1994; if this happened at all, it would have happened sometime 
 between then and maybe the third season of re-runs of "Smokey and the 
 Bandit II." The only firm source mentioned is the Arizona Highway 
 Police. I presume the NTSB and insurance companies might also have some 
 record of investigation. Who knows; maybe the Air Force squelched the 
 story after identifying the remains as a UFO.