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Re: Telepathy/Parapsychology etc.

 In article <molhant.834634198@tornade.ERE.UMontreal.CA>
            molhant@ERE.UMontreal.CA "Molhant Norman" writes:
 > That aspect of it (i.e.: concealed channels [sorry, concealed is not the
 > exact technical term - the word I'm thinking about {and not finding} is
 > frequently used in the field of computer security to describe non-obvious
 > ways to pass info through the security barriers, like modulating the load
 > on the system, and stuff like that]) is most often not examined in telepathy
 > experiments, which is a bloody shame, I think.
 The computer security term is 'covert channel'. They are divided into
 'storage channels' and 'timing channels'. The standard TCSEC D and C
 level equivalent operating systems contain plenty of them. For example,
 in older UNIXes the _process ID_ returned by _fork_(2) provides a
 covert channel.
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