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Re: Telepathy/Parapsychology etc.

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   "Lisanne" writes:
 > Now this research was quoted in one of our national papers a few days
 > ago! Tell me this isn't in the realms of the paranormal! 
 Which of our national newspapers? Even the broadsheets are pretty bad
 at the reporting of science.
 Anecdotal evidence: a few years ago a basal simian fossil (that is
 something close to the ancestry of apes and old-world monkeys) was
 found in North Africa. It was described in one of the broadsheets as
 having a prehensile tail. This struck me at strange at the time, as,
 AFAIK, prehensile tails are a derived trait of new-world monkeys. A
 few weeks later the relevant issue of Nature circulated into my local
 library, and I discovered that what had been found was a partial skull.
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