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X-Files Sale 20 % off Merchandise. Cards and Binders (With #0 card available) !!!

 We are OVERSTOCKED please take 20 % OFF any order until June 30th.  
 (Except cards and Binders). T-Shirts 10 % off..
 X-Files merchandise as folows:
  Postcards: $8.99/ set
 10 different Postcards shrinkwrapped as a set.
 I have a few scripts left ,they are one only of ea. as follows:
 Darkness Falls 1X19
 Irresistible  2X13
 Fire 1X11
 $15.00 ea. plus shipping.
 The Metal Pin Sets are now in. Trust No One and Truth Is Out There  
 I have  T-Shirts as following:
 We Are Among You on back/ X-Files Logo on front breast pocket (Black)
 I Want to Believe  UFO on back/ X-Files logo on front breast pocket  
 I  Want to Believe  Alien on back / X-files logo on breast pocket  
 Within the Realm  of Extreme Possibility:It has a kind of negative image 
 on the back withGrey and Green X-Files on the front.
 (Black )Trust No One O/F; X-Files O/B
 (Grey )X-Files on breast pocket
 (Black) The Truth Is Out There O/F; X-Files logo O/B
 (Black) Blue X-Files on breast pocket; Trust No one  in blue haze O/B
 (Black) Purple X-Files on breast pocket; Large purple X O/B
 (Black)  X (Giant X with Mulder & Scully photo inside)
 (Black)  X-Files Eye (Grey)
 (Black) X-Files Road shirt (color)
 (Black) X-Files Deny Everything
 All shirts are either L or XL. They are $14.99 ea. plus shipping.
 I am getting more T-Shirts all of the time. Please ask if you don't see 
 Purple Hand On Back with/ X-File Logo on front breast pocket $29.99
 X-Files Embroidered Hat(Purple X-Files O/F; Trust No One  O/B)  $14.99 shipping
 X-Files Hat (Green X with Grey X-Files with truth is out there 
 embroidered on back)
 Silver X-Files Baseball Cap  with strap in back. Trust no one 
 embroidered on the back.
 Hats are $14.99 plus shipping.
 X-File Binders $14.95 ea With #0 card.
 X-Files Coffee Mug  $10.00
 X-FIles Disappearing Coffee Mug . Pour hot liquid in and the Truth Is 
 out There disappears and Trust No One aappears .$14.00
 X-Files Posters: Hallway shot ,X-Files Mulder & Scully  and Collage$4.50 
 Ground Zero Autographed by the author $34.99 ;numbered of 2500.
 #1 Annual Autographed by Stefan Petrucha  and Charles Adlard $24.99; 
 numbered of 2500.
 #1 Special Edition Autographed by Stefan Petrucha and Charles Adlard 
 $24.99:numbered of 1500.
 X-Files 31 Digest Autogtraphed by Stefan Petrucha of 250 copies. $29.99
 Official Guide To The X-Files $14.00 ea.
 Unofficial guide to the X-files $13.95
 Cinefantastique Magazine X-Files Special $11.95 ea.
 X-Files Fan Club Kits  $29.99 ea.
 Comeswith Video ,stickers,8 x 10's, X-Notes and more.
 X-File Key Chains now in stock.