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Help us set up a humanist/skeptics forum on AOL

 If you are an atheist, humanist, skeptic or freethinker and also a member
 of AOL, how would you like to help us set up a forum on AOL for our very
 own, where we can discuss ideas among ourselves with less fundamentalist
 interference.  Myself and several other members of the AOL atheist
 community have been discussing this idea for weeks, and we d like to put
 it into effect. 
 I know of 3 fundamentalist Christian forums on AOL -- Focus on the Family,
 The Religion and Ethics Forum (run by a Baptist preacher) and Christianity
 On-line.  But there is NO AOL forum that is run by and for non-believers
 and skeptics.  I think that should change.  The forum we envision would
 contain at least ten message boards for discussing secularism vs.
 religion, creation/evolution, skepticism and the paranormal, philosophy,
 humanist ethics, and other topics.  Possibly most important, we want to
 set up at least one message board on which only non-theists can post. 
 Occasionally we just want to talk among ourselves about being
 non-believers, and we don t always want to talk to Xians.  (Of course many
 of the other message boards I mentioned would always be there when we re
 in the mood to debate.)  
 In addition, we would have chat rooms, keep lists of web links and other
 features that many other forums have.  
 Before we can start an AOL Humanists  and Skeptics  Forum, we need to
 establish that there is interest.  The only way this can be a success is
 if one or more humanist, atheist or skeptical organization will sponsor
 We re asking anyone who is an AOL member to place his/her name on a
 petition that will be sent to various secular organizations to entice them
 to take this move.  We hope to get over 1,000 names on it.
 If you support this idea (and are an AOL member) I ask that you e-mail me
 at the following address and give us permission to put you screen name on
 our petition:  (be sure NOT to put an e between the f and the r)
 You can also include you own ideas for such a forum and anything else you
 might want to include.
 Thank you very much