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Re: Hardness of Concrete/Asphalt - Real Effects?

 In article <>, Don Kirkman <> wrote:
 >This is one of those little things that nag until they get some
 >attention.  I have read and heard many bits of advice to run on asphalt
 >rather than concrete, since asphalt is softer.  Sceptic that I am, I
 >wonder about this.
 	if it's important, you ought to be able to feel a difference -
 	for example, the difference between running on tarmac (asphalt)
 	and earth is obvious, especially if you have a slight injury
 	(when it can hurt on one surface, but not on the other).
 	i've never noticed anything, and i'd be surprised if there is
 	a ntoiceable difference, but i haven't tried it...
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