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Re: Roswell: Historical Facts (fwd)

 > We can argue the merits of particular Roswell witnesses, but there 
 > is one inescapable historical fact that can't be denied. The 
 > commander of the Roswell Army Air Field officially announced that 
 > the U.S. Army Air Force had recovered a "flying disk." 
There is a lot of doubt about this.

Walter Haut, who according to Randle/Schmitt et al. wrote this
release, has stated many times that Col. Blanchard told him to issue 
it. In an article for the August/September 1992 issue of _Air &
Space/Smithsonian_ magazine, Frank Kuznik wrote:

      Before my trip to Wright-Patterson, I tracked down Walter
   Haut, the retired base public information officer who wrote the
   infamous press release, and asked him if he ever actually saw the
   wreckage.  "No, and I feel like an idiot every time somebody asks
   me that," he said ruefully.  "I got a call from the base
   commander, who basically dictated what was in the press release."

And yet the "flying disk" release states that: "The _Intelligence_
office of the 509th Bombardment group ... announced that the field
had come into possession of a flying saucer.  According to information
released by the department _over the authority of Maj. J.A.  Marcel,
intelligence officer_, the disk was recovered....  The _intelligence
office_ stated that no details...etc.."

In the _OMNI_ article, "The Truth About Roswell", a copy of which can
be found at: http://www.omnimag.com/o07jul/ros_truth.html, Dava Sobel
questioned Walter Haut about this point and more confusion arises:
   "When Blanchard talked to you about what to say, did he use the
   words 'flying saucer?"' I asked.  "Did he seem to be frightened?"
   "I do not remember the minute details," Haut told me.  "I feel that
   I've had a pretty full life, and how the colonel passed that
   information on to me I cannot honestly tell you.  I don't know
   whether he called me on the phone and said, `Haut, I want you to
   put out a press release and hand deliver it to the local news
   media.  Here's what I want in it.'
   "Or," Haut continued, "the adjutant might have called and said,
   `Haut, the old man's got a press release he wants you to pick up

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