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Re: Celtech infoCeltech info


Keeping you up to date on my findings:

Celtron Technologies have a division called Celtrack. This company has
developed a truck anti-highjacking device which is quite ingenious. (Read
BD 14 May p.25). In short it combines cellular technology with GPS (Global
Positioning System) to raise alarm when a truck goes on a route it was not
supposed to be on. The Business Day article does not mention that Celtrack
is part of Celtech, but it is. According to Celtrack, the product satisfies
about 95% of the requirements set by the trucking industry, insurance
industry and the police. A demo to the industry was recieved really well.

There is talk that Celtron has gotten out of its exclusivity agreement with
Imperial. This would mean that they can now talk to the other car rental
companies. I am a little more sceptical about this part of their business,
as I still need to be convinced that people are going to phone enough to
cover capital investment, maintenance and running costs of these phones.
What is good though, is that these phones have a (first for SA) realtime
creditcard validation and billing system. As far as I understand this means
no call before validation which means no bad debt! It also means direct

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