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Beyond Boundaries Inc.
PO Box 250      Rainbow, TX 76077
FAX:  817-579-1393                     Tel:  800-259-8747      e-mail:

May 15, 1997

Dear Friend,

As you already know we are a unique company specializing in leading small
groups of people interested in UFO phenomena to areas of the world where
sightings and related experiences are occurring frequently.  On these
expeditions many local UFO researchers, contactees, and experiencers provide
us with much tangible supporting material and evidence which we share with
members of Beyond Boundaries in the form of a highly informative 24 page
newsletter.  If you are an armchair researcher then you can keep up with the
latest information on events happening all over the world and if you want to
be an active participant in the UFO research you can join one or more of our
expeditions and find out for yourself what's happening out there at the
grassroots level of research!  

The Beyond Boundaries newsletter also serves as a network allowing you to
connect with our ever expanding database and with other persons and like
minds everywhere.    Issue 5, for example has:
photos and articles on this year's cropcircles just now beginning to appear
in the U.K.
tidbits and newsbytes of UFO related information from all over the world 
an article on the ongoing Arizona flap 
an article and photos sent to us from Belem, Brazil, on a landing and
abduction in a churchyard
a chupacabras update
Costa Rica and Australia updates
an article by Irene Bott on the sighting recently over Nottinghamshire in
our calendar of future projects and research expeditions
a new column by Martha Scogin PhD answering personal questions from our

You will see that the newsletter has greatly improved on information
gathering, presentation, and graphics with each issue and also why it is now
rated by readers as the number one newsletter of its category in the world!

We are very concerned that we are about to lose contact with you.  Our
budget for printing and mailing complimentary copies of the newsletter is

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