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Re: RI-862i Steve Fishman's hidden intentions are criminalRI-862i Steve Fishman's hidden intentions are criminal

14 May 1997

> RI-862i 'Steve Fishman's hidden intentions are criminal'

Hidden Intentions?

What are they?

>from Ambassador for Mankind

>Message # RI-862i for Internet

>"I am doing this whole mission ONLY
>in order to get attention -
>without having to be responsible for anyone."

(a) 'Steve Fishman'

Koos, I never said that and you know it!

What mission?

True, I would love to see the Scientology cult come crashing down. And if
that is what you call my mission, then I accept the definition.

But I am doing my "mission" not to get attention, but to rid this planet of
Scientology menace where people have died and have been brainwashed or
Rendered psychotic by Scientology mind control.

My responsibility is to all victims of Scientology, past, present and
hopefully not future. This includes responsibility to myself, since I was a
victim once, although not anymore.

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Subject: Koos Audits Steve Fishman (and Steve loves it!)