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UFO FILES: Discovery mission anomalies

Subject: Anomalous Events During STS48 Mission including "EVENT2A.GIF"

The anomalous events during the shuttle Discovery mission STS-48 (launched
September 12, 1991) were originally revealed by space enthusiasts who had
set their VCRs to record NASA Select TV, which at the time was downlinked
live from each shuttle mission and distributed on cable and satellite TV.
To record as much as possible, VCRs were set to record at slow speed (six
hour recordings) which resulted in less than optimal recordings. When the
recordings were reviewed, anomalous objects were seen at several points in
the mission.

Although the existence of these recordings have been known to MUFON and
FUFOR since the fall of 1991, surprisingly, they were not made public until
Don Ecker appeared on "HardCopy," and later, "Larry King Live" with a poor
copy of what has been termed Event 2 in June of this year.

After personally reviewing the video of Events 1,2,3,4 and 6, some of which
were obtained from the official NASA video archive, I can only surmise that
the events are indeed anomalous and unexplained. The official NASA
explanation of ice and debris seems unlikely due to the different
directions and speeds the objects appear to be traveling.

The following is a chronology of the anomalous events of STS-48:

EVENT 1 (9-13-91 / between 03:49 - 04:10 GMT) The camera shows a beautiful
view from the forward cabin looking back through the cargo bay at the tail
section with the Earth filling the top of the screen. One-by-one, a series
of five lights travel radially from behind the tail section, comprising an
arc. Then an extremely bright blinking light appears, traveling up from
behind the left engine. This bright light occupies the focus of the arc
composed of the five smaller lights.

Then the camera inexplicably pans down into the cargo bay, focusing on a
piece of equipment there. After a minute, the ground controller requests
that she be given control of the camera. After a short pause, the astronaut
complies. The camera then pans back up into the tail area. The lights that
were there just moments before are now gone.

EVENT 2 (9-15-91 / between 20:30 - 20:45 GMT) This scene shows the
nightside Earth filling most of the frame with the horizon extending from
the upper left of screen to the lower right. Black space is seen above the

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