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Temporal Doorway UFO Additions for May 1997 (fwd)

News about UFO information at The Temporal Doorway for May: 

I've been confirming more information on the "tailed" object. Lloyd Jacobs
recently helped me find some information on the Mount Clemens case, and a
new sighting (just 6 days before in Ontario, courtesy Joe Daniels), all of
which I was able to integrate into the paper on comparable UFO cases,
bringing the total cases with drawings and photos to six. A set of
sightings from England (Warminster), in the mid '60s may also contain
sightings of the same object, but have not yet been added, pending
confirmation of the description. Also a case was recently discovered in
John Fuller's "Incident at Exeter". 

A book by Jenny Randles, "The UFO Conspiracy", 1987, ISBN 1-56619-195-5
provided information on the 1949 sighting, which she _also_ paralleled
with the the Mount Clemens sighting. The book even provides three new
cases which I had never seen before, two of which she paralleled with the
1949 sighting, and one from the USSR, which she included but didn't
correlate, which may also be the same object. The details of the 1949
case, which occurred in Rogue River Oregon have also been added to the

The paper has also undergone a slight reformatting, and some of the
conclusions / speculations have been revised or extended. 

I have created a new "correlated sightings" catalog, which will be used to
group apparently related sightings separated in time and space. The first
new entries are a set of three cases from New Zealand (1959), France
(1967) and New England (1967). Two of these cases correlate almost
exactly, including the apparance of the object and its luminosity, and the
presence of two occupants visible in the object dome, while the third is
sketchier, but reports the same clear dome, dome light color, and two
occupants. Another set of entries are for sightings of small cone shaped
objects, including the famous Vins observation. 

A number of new cases have been added to those cataloged at the site,
including the Dr. Botta case (1950) - the sighting and entry to a landed
disc with dead occupants in Argentina, and the three occupant cases listed

Thanks for visiting!

Mark Cashman, creator of the Temporal Doorway at
Original digital art, writing and UFO research

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