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Dancing in the Flames 1/1 by Teresa HorneLIS1: Dancing in the Flames (1/1) by T. Horne

Author's Note:  Thanks to all of y'all who agreed to be in this fic, no 
matter how big or how small the part.  I couldn't have done this crazy 
piece of insanity without ya!

Classification: S,R,A,T -- Mulder/Scully

Rating: PG-13 

Spoilers: Small Potatoes

Disclaimer:  Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, and any other X-files character you 
recognize belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions, and Fox Broadcasting.

The song lyrics come from "Possession" by Sarah McLachlan and "Rock of
Ages" by Def Leppard.  No infringement is intended.  Fira Stevens, Rina
and Nella Phost belong to me and the people that they are based on :)

Summary:  After a reconcilation due to the events that occurred in Small
Potatoes, Mulder and Scully receive an X-file that seems like something
of a fairy tale, and meet a person who reminds Mulder of himself.


Linger In Silence:  Dancing in the Flames of Deception
By: Teresa Horne

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