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An Elysian Field 1/1 by Elizabeth MillerAn Elysian Field - Elizabeth Miller

A note from the author (a short one, folks):
        In the introduction to "All I Want is You", Terri Monture wrote:
"So here's the little offering that I swore to myself I would never
write....." - a quote which ran through my mind constantly during the
writing, editing, and reediting of this story.  And there's a very good
reason for that, you see - for this is the little offering I swore to
myself I would never write.  It's decidedly nonhumor - though I have
in a few Elizabethan touches to personalize an already heavily explored,
somewhat depressing subject - and so I apologize to those who saw my name
on this and were expecting another insanity fest.  Probably in the next
post, dears, but not here.  However, everyone who read this story prior to
posting liked it, despite the non-laughter factor, and I have to admit
it's probably some of the best fanfic I've ever done.  So, I'm only
apologizing for the shock of surprise some of y'all are feeling.  And here
that goes: Sorry!
        Disclaimer: Chris Carter, 1013 Productions, and 20th Century Fox
own all characters contained in this story, including Fox Mulder and Dana
Scully, who I borrow without permission.  That's it.  All I'm saying.  No
death threats, no ranting, no French, no nothing - just that.  CC and Co.
owns 'um.  'Cause I told you guys that this wasn't a humor story!
        Takes place somewhere in the future - no spoilers - and no cancer
        Rating: PG (clean language, no violence or Horizontal Mambos, but
five-year-olds wouldn't dig this)
        Category: A for angst (sorry again, humorists) and V for vignette.
        Summary: Scully finds an Elysian Field.

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