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CSETI in the Press (fwd)

A search of all the World's major English Language Newspapers (courtesy of
the Wall Street Journal News retrieval service, to which I subscribe)
yielded the following.



And now, a plea for government hearings on UFOs For `good of humankind,'
group wants inquiry into visits by extraterrestrials

Bob Hohler, Globe Staff
The Boston Globe
City Edition
Page A8
(Copyright 1997)

WASHINGTON -- No one cited Hale-Bopp or Heaven's Gate when a UFO
group, backed by an astronaut who has walked on the moon, called last
week for hearings on an alleged government cover-up of earthly visits
by extraterrestrial life forms.

The only references to "Independence Day" or the "X Files" were
uttered by Dr.  Steven  M. Greer, director of the Center for the Study
of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, who assailed the sci-fi fare as
part of the "90 percent of what people are exposed to on this
subject: rubbish, complete and utter nonsense."

Greer and the former NASA astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, told
reporters and congressional officials in separate closed-door
briefings that their assessment of extraterrestrial activities,
although widely disputed, requires urgent federal attention for the
good of humankind.

Greer, Mitchell and a panel of "witnesses" asserted that several
extraterrestrial civilizations -- working together from bases within
the solar system and possibly from temporary outposts under water on
Earth -- regularly visit the planet and are prepared for wide-scale
contact with humans.

All that stands between such an intergalactic moment, Greer
asserted, is human civilization reaching out with a new foreign

"What has been lacking is an appropriate response from planet

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