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book review (fwd)


Prof. Charles F. Emmons
At the Threshold: UFOs, Science and the New Age

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Blue Water Publishing, Inc.
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	In 1988, I researched how the media treated UFO phenomena for my Mass
Media and Society term paper; this research led to my current passion to
understand the phenomena.  Were I invited to appear on Ted Koppel's
"Nightline," I would use Prof. Charles F. Emmons' excellent book, At the
Threshold: UFOs, Science and the New Age, to prepare for rebuttal.  Though
weighty in its coverage of the subject, At the Threshold is suitable for
the layman: since it details The Background of the Debate.

	I don't know if the government has crashed saucers or alien bodies, or if
it has secret agreements with ETs, or if it hires ufologists to create
false UFO data.  However, I think that it is very likely that some of the
endless black-marked lines of text released under the Freedom of
Information Act to ufologists like Stanton Friedman contain important
information on government involvement in UFO matters.  I also tend to
believe some of the insiders who have told me of their own observations of
UFOs and of UFO data when they were associated with the military.  [Chapter

	I suspect that the UFO phenomenon is complex rather than a single mystery
capable of solution...I suspect that the origins and purposes of the
Visitors are many.  [Chapter 11]

	To examine the complexity of the subject, Prof. Emmons covers the
implications of New Physics (wormholes; 10-dimensional reality; holographic
universe), the history of ufology (significant cases; governmental and
scientific studies; current funding for UFO research), paranormal aspects
of UFO incidents (telepathy; apparitions; out-of-body travel), related
phenomena (crop circles; cattle mutilations; the Face on Mars), media
coverage (sensationalism; witness ridicule), and personality types
(encounter-prone personality; hypnogogic and hypnopompic hallucinations).
As a professor of sociology, he writes:

	UFOs seem to pull us into a "Larger Reality," a place that operates on
more than the standard physical principles we understand scientifically.
[Chapter 11]

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