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UFO conferences (fwd)


*The 8th Great UFO - ET - Alien Abduction Conference*
	April 11-12-13, 1997
	Days Inn, Bordentown, New Jersey

Presentations/slide shows include:
	Marc Davenport:  "Chupacabras";  "Alien Engineering of Human Society";
"What Your Government is Afraid to Tell You."
	Professor G. Cope Schellhorn: "Extraterrestrials Through History";
"Research Findings on the 1996 ET Crash in Brazil."
	Marc Whitford: "Dimensional Doorways: Are They Real?"; "Are You An
Abductee? (Magnetometer Demonstration)."
	Rev. Michael Carter: "The Bible is Full of UFOs."
	Rev. Bob Short: "Giant Rock and the Good Old Days."
	Cmdr. Graham Bethune: "Explorers from Beyond."
	George Fawcett: "50 Years of UFO Photos Worldwide";  "UFO Similarities and

Friday only = $25; Saturday only = $55; Sunday only = $55; 2-day pass =
$100; 3-day pass = $120.  Seating is limited: call now, toll free, for
advance tickets: 1-800-905-8367.  MasterCard, Visa, and American Express
	For more information, call 609-888-1358 11:00-3:00 Eastern time.

*The Stars Over Hollywood Paranormal Phenomena & UFO Exposition*
	May 9-10-11, 1997 
	at the Holiday Inn, 1755 N. Highland Ave., Hollywood, CA 

Starring Andy Reiss, "super psychic."  Sunday keynote speaker: Scott
Catamas, Producer of Strange Universe

Other confirmed speakers as of March 1, 1997 include:
	Dolores Cannon, Sean David Morton, Dr. Bruce Goldberg, Judy Heavenly,
Sherry Sims, Dr. Anthony Hilder, Randolph Winters, Marc Davenport, Leah
Haley, Albert Taylor, Donna Reis, Ed Skrocki, II, V.S. Ferguson, Sri Donato,
The Atherius Society,  Dr. Kadar Raja Dove, Mark McCandish, Michael
Telestarr, C. L. Turnage, Scott Catamas, Penny Harper, Moshe Zwang, Terry

Sponsors include: 
	Greenleaf Publications, FATE magazine, Strange Universe, Star Love Network.

For more information, call Realife Expositions at 916-241-1540
or 818-896-8418.  For credit-card sales of advanced tickets, call

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