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Hello, this info is being forwarded to SKYWATCH regarding Numerous UFO
sightings that were reported to TASK on the evening of March 26, 1997, and
again on Thursday morning, March 27.  Here is a summary of the information
as received by telephone and E-mail advisement, as well as telephone
contact placed to certain police and military headquarters: 


8:00 p.m. Received a phone call from Jesse XXXX (825-XXXX), regarding a
UFO sighting near Cheltenham Drive in Mount Healthy. Jesse said he
witnessed a UFO with friend, Josh. Both were outdoors looking for Comet
Hale-Bopp, when they reportedly observed a large white light 50 to 60
degrees above the horizon. The light was surrounded by smaller lights that
were 'scattered about.' The surrounding lights flashed with a synchronized
pattern. One small red light was occasionally noticed to the side of the
main object, best described as a 'white light.' Jesse said he was 80 to
90% certain this was not an airplane. Dogs in the neighborhood were
barking 'radically.' Jesse fetched his camera and took 1-photo of the
object, but isn't sure how it will come out because of darkness. The
object was visible for nearly 5 minutes before departure path to the


A telephone call was received by a gentleman we will list as Dave on
Thursday, March 27. He sounded sober and coherent, and didn't want his
name or place of employment listed. He acquired the TASK phone number by
looking up "UFO" on internet. 

Dave works at a warehouse in Wilmington, which is located within visual
range of the two runway strips of the Wilmington Airport. He was at work
around 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 26, 1997. Workers began going outside
and watching odd aerial lights which appeared over the east part of
Wilmington. The lights seemed to be positioned over Hillsboro, which is in
Highland County, and also over Cincinnati. The lights were not Airborne or
Federal Express traffic, which they see constantly there, being located
right off the runway. 

There were lights in a triangular formation spotted by a second person and
the security guard. The manager of the company also saw them, and he was
in the air force and had "never seen anything like them before." The
primary witness (Dave) thought it was a joke by 5-persons, and went
outside to see a huge orange fireball, which disappeared and reappeared.

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