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=*=*=*=*@@@@ Unusual/Avante/Jazz/Indie/Rock CDs @@@@*=*=*=*=

 I have the following CD's for sale.  It's been awhile since I ran  my last
 sale, and I've got a lot of new items for sale.  Here's how I work:
 Email me to hold any CD's that you're interested in.  CD's will be shipped
 immediately on receipt of a money order or bank check, or when personal
 checks have cleared (typically 4 business days).
 I'll notify you via e-mail when I receive your check, and when I've sent
 your cd's.  All cd's are shipped well protected in cardboard or in 
 a padded mailer.
 Shipping:                 Please add $1.00 for the first    CD
                                        .50 each additional  item
 All US shipping will be 1st class.
 Maximum shipping is $5.00- I'll cover anything over that. 
 If you live outside of the US, please send me your location
 and we'll work out the shipping rate.
 I offer the following discounts: 
 Buy any 4 items and take 10% off the total
 Buy any 8 items and take 15% off the total. 
 Buy 10 or more items and take 15% off and get shipping free.
 Please e-mail me at to inquire if records you are
 interested in are available, and to request that I hold them for you.
 Phil Zampino
   <--- have a look if you're
                                                    curious who I am!
 ******************************  Unusual/Experimental
 Esplendor Geometrico    Mekano Turbo                  Dragnet              9.00 
    * Spanish experimental and noise band 
 P53                     P53                           Recommended         10.00 
    Factory sealed 
 ZGA                     Sub Luna Morrior              Recommended         10.00 
    * Sound experimentation and interesting composition from this Russian  
      using a rather cantankerous and elaborate set of homemade instruments. 
 Various Artists         Dreaming Clouds               Prudence             7.00 
    Christoper Dean 
    Carsten Schnell 
    Jolly Kunjappu 
    Joe Weineck 
    Bernward Koch 
    Eleven of Hearts 
    Johannes Walter 
    Decebel Badila 
    Adrian Marcator 
    Andy Cutic 
 Various Artists         First Edition - The Audion Sa Audion               7.00 
    Don Slepian 
    Emerald Web 
    Barry Cleveland 
    Gary Hughes 
    Roger Powell 
    Neil Nappe 
 Various Artists         Klang-Klavier                 RecRec              10.00 
    * Early RecRec compilation featuring