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 Tess Records Recording Artists FAITH AND THE MUSE have just released their
 second CD entitled "Annwyn, Beneath the Waves", and it is now available. Look for
 it in your local record store, or you may also order it by sending $15.00 ppd to:
 Tess Records
 PO Box 206
 Santa Barbara, CA 93102-0206
 Faith and the Muse have just returned from performing at the Zillo Open Air
 Festival in Hildesheim, Germany on Friday, June 14; also on the bill were: Mother
 Destruction, Rammstein, The Nefilim, Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club and others.
 F&TM would like to send greetings and thanks the 7,000+ fans who showed such
 incredible support through their show.
 Look for FAITH AND THE MUSE headlining the APPARITION tour this summer
 throughout the U.S....
 For more information on FAITH AND THE MUSE and/or the APPARITION tour,
 please call: (310) 967-4864 (24 hr. recorded information) or watch this newsgroup
 for dates and venues.
 Magazines, radio stations and concert promoters wanting to reach  FAITH AND THE
 MUSE are urged to do so by contacting:
 Neue ństhetik Multimedia
 PO Box 2286
 Hollywood, CA 90078-2286
 Fax: (818) 782-1053